Pieces Updated 20080516

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The PhotoPicker almost works, but sometimes the picker look like blank.

Just try to scroll it, the pictures are displayed.

I need help on this.

The selected picture will be rotated and scaled.

Enjoy it.

You can download it here:pieces_20080516.zip


10 Responses to “Pieces Updated 20080516”

  1. deathclaw says:

    YES! this is exactly what this app needed. this is one of my favorite games on my ipod. thanks! ^_^

  2. binke says:

    program ends (returns to springboard) after picking
    my own photos. Help please!
    love the program

  3. binke says:

    I use an iphone 8gb

  4. James says:

    I have a problem same as binke’s…

  5. Superic says:

    Hi, nice app., I love it, but I have same problem as binke’s.

  6. HengYing says:

    I can pick photo on my 1.1.2 system.
    I cannot solve this problem, so I make it a open source program.
    Hope somebody could help on Pieces.app.

  7. Binke says:

    your zip file (pieces_20080518.zip) solved the problem for me!


  8. Raninder says:

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  9. Naufal says:

    Thnkinig like that shows an expert’s touch

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