iTaste is a native iPhone game (or utility).

You can change the combination of some parts, each part has some options.

You can also press the “Random” button to generate random combinations.

You can also write your own package, for example:

clothes, cars and so on.

If you want to write your own package, please try to understand the contents

under this folder:


I want to enjoy packages from you, please send your work to

Enjoy it.

You can download the game here:

I try to add a function to dump the screen into camera roll, but I do not have a iPhone,
and I can not test it. If you are intereted, please download this version:
You can download the game here:


6 Responses to “iTaste”

  1. […] è un nuovo Toy, sviluppato sempre da Liu Heng (l’autore di Pieces). E’ molto divertente in quanto consente di creare degli Avatar, a […]

  2. Danis says:

    I really like this game and enjoy it. I will try to edit my own contents to play! Thanks

  3. […] is a new toy from Liu Heng (dev of Pieces). It ‘a lot of fun because it enables the creation of Avatar, a type of […]

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  5. Daniel says:

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  6. Fui comprar o painço, e não o trouxe para casa, por acha-lo estranho, é pequenino mesmo, marron claro, e quantos kilos perco consumindo 2 vezes por semana.? Já agradeço pela resposta.

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